Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Chic Mom Find: Jimmy Crystal Earings

I loved Jennifer Garner's look at the recent premiere of, Catch and Release. She was sporting a pair of Cartier earings estimated at a value of $60,000.

Life and Style was able to find a replica pair that the rest of us can afford at Jimmy Crystal for a mere $36. This specific pair was part of their 2006 line.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lands End: Bathing Suits for Bodies that Have Had Babies

I had the unfortunate experience of breaking my ankle over the holidays. When I went to the doctor to have it checked out last week, he informed me that the cast will probably come off next week. Our discussion turned to what I will be able to do and what I should avoid for the time being.

My biggest concern was being able to work out. I had started a workout regime last October and am very eager to get back on it. Well, apparently I can't at least not yet. I have to slowly work my stregnth back up before I get to do any running or anything involving any impact. But I can swim all I want according to the doc.

Shudders went down my back. I haven't gone swimming since I had the twins. We've taken them to the pool, but it involves a sprint from where I remove my coverup to the water and vice versa.

I've been saying since we started the workout regime that I need to get a new swimsuit so I can swim. Now that it appears that swimming will need to be my form of exercise at least for a few weeks, I could put it off no more.

So my husband calls me up yesterday and asks if I want to go shopping and we can pick up that swimming suit. Oh yeah, that's what I need my husband impatiently waiting while I try on suit after suit that I hate. But I relunctedly agreed and off we went.

Our first stop ended up being the last. We found the perfect suit at Lands End (in my case one of their outlets) and I am delighted.

Typically, the suits either cover way too little or way too much. I tried on a dozen and most worked fine but one of their slenderizers is the perfect suit. It sucks in all that you need contained without being unconfortable and doesn't look like a grandma suit. It even got my husband's seal of approval.

I still have to wait a week before I can try it out in water, but if you are starting your search for a summer bathing suit definitely check out the ones at Lands End today! (Note - their outlets are having a great sale with 40% off the already reduced prices!!)

Little Lubbaloo: Exceptional Tees for Today's Kids

My sons live in T-shirts -- layered in the winter, on their own in the summer. I'm always on the lookout for great looking, high quality tees. I found the motherlode with Little Lubbaloo!

One of my twins is obsessed with all things related to animals and he immediately fell in love with their bull t-shirt. Right now he wears it layered with a red thermal underneath it and we receive compliments everywhere.

Littl Lubbaloo has some of the most unique desings I've come across from their "Road Hog, and Safety Expert for boys to their Peacock, and True Love for girls

These tees are of exceptional quality constructed out of thick soft cotten. Definitely made for daily use with real rough and tumble kids!

If your looking for an outfit for those special days - birthdays, holidays, etc. you need to check out their exceptional sets for boys and girls! They'll definitely make those special days picture perfect

See their complete line at Fundayshop today!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Right Bank Babies: Making the Ordinary Exceptional

Some baby items are just not pretty. Everyday baby gear features lots of plastic, fabrics not created by nature, and color combinations that you only see on well -- baby gear.

Right Bank babies has found the ideal solution on turning traditional baby gear and transform them into baby luxeries. They have designed an amazing collection of covers that slip over traditional car seats and baby bouncers.

The carseat covers slip over most traditional 3-point and 5-point carseat with a shower cap design and come with a matching sun shade. The bouncy seat slipcover fits smoothly into your baby bouncer with a secure tie
and features a removable 3-pronged seat buckle. Both the carseat and bouncy seat covers are available in a selection of 28 fabric combinations and have leather trim around the belt openings for extra strength.

The best part -- they are completely machine washable. When its time to clean up the car seat just slip over the cover and toss in the wash!

Order online at Right Bank Babies or at select retailers today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blue Eye Boy: Jewelry with Boys in Mind

Moms of little boys sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to kids accessories. Little girls come with frilly socks, playful jewelry, and all kinds of ribbons and bows. Little boys come with baseball caps. Unless of course you count dirt which happens to be my boys number one fashion accessory.

I was delighted to find Blue Eye Boy and their collection of jewelry designed for little boys. The collection is designed with today's boys in mind and feature a variety of "boy" themes like camo, bones, and baseballs.

I was concerned that the necklace would be too fragile for everyday wear, but the moment I opened the box my fears were alleviate. Each necklace is constructed with durable polymer clay beads and coordinating spacers. They close with a secure screw clasp. Blue Eye Boy has found a way to take childrens jewelry and infuse them with the spirit of boyhood.

To put it in my seven-year-old's words as he saw it for the first time, "That is so cool!!!!!"

If you are looking for a great gift for the little guys in your life definitely check out Blue Eye Boy today. It may earn you the title of cool mom at least for a little while!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to The Chic Mom!

The Chic Mom is a spin-off blog from Celebrity Moms and The Stylish Child.

Now that my last child has decided to potty train himself, I found I can once again carry a stylish purse rather than a mommy bag. This sent me on a mad hunt over the holidays in search of a great purse. Which I found at Target!

That combined with the many companies that have contacted me about writing up their non-baby related products made me decide to create a central place to put all the really cool stuff I find for all the chic moms out there.

If you have a product that you want to have featured please drop me a note at

Sophie and Lili: 60% Off Fall / Winter Styles

I love the style and quality of Sophie and Lili!

Right now you can take advantage of the coming change of seasons and receive up to 60% off all Sophie and Lili Fall / Winter styles.

Check back soon for a look at what they have in store for spring and summer!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zutano: Happy New Year Sale

Now that the holidays are over, Zutano is having a sale on all of their Urban Nature styles. For a limited time, order online and receive 25% off your favorite winter colors, patterns and body styles.

Visit Zutano to take advantage of this great offer today.

Little Missmatched: 40% Off Select PJ's

Little Missmatched is offering up to 40% off select PJ sets. There adorable sets are definitely not boring. Little Missmatched doesn't believe that everything your child wears needs to match, so they've created a line of adorable fuzzy flannel and snuggly knit pjs that every child will love.

Visit Little Missmatched to take advantage of this great offer. They are going fast so stop by ASAP.

Looking for Updates?

Sorry for the lack of updates here at The Stylish Child. January has been a crazy month that so far has included my dad having a stroke, me breaking my ankle, my husband's step-grandfather passing away, me working around the clock for client deadlines for my "real" job, and just plain family craziness.

I have a huge list ready to go and will be posting new product reviews and a ton of sales notices this week.

Thanks for visiting and check back soon!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Coco Bebe Discount Offer

Coco-bebe creates a line of vintage inspired stroller blankets, changing pads, and diaper bags. They are offering our readers a 20% discount on all orders through January.

Just enter the voucher "stylishchild" during checkout.

Check out our review of Coco-bebe here.

La Folie Knits: New Year's Blowout Sale

One of my all-time favs is having a New Year's Blowout. For a limited lime only you can receive up to 20% - 60% off most of products at La Folie Knits including the "Babe in the Woods" hat that was recently photographed out on Apple Martin.

Visit their website soon before this great promo comes to an end!