Thursday, November 30, 2006

For Portland, Oregon Readers! Baby Star Sample Sale

If you happen to live in Portland, you are lucky enough to be invited to a sample same including the popular Baby Star Brand on Friday -- see invitation to the left for details.

Baby Star is a posh baby line that includes Cariboo covers, plush baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and more.

This is a one-time event so if you want top of the line baby accessories at reduced prices mark your calander now!

Last Day of Sale at Beca Bags!

Today is the last day of the sale at Beca Bags. They only offer this discount once a year, and this will be your last chance to get a Beca Bag at sale price!

Celebrity favorite diaper bags, Beca Bags, is having a one-time holiday sale. Take 30 - 40% off all regular priced fall merchandise. Just enter the code "Holiday" at checkout.

Beca Bags are a favorite among celebrity moms -- Jennifer Garner was photographed with her Beca Bag earlier this month!

The offer is only valid from November 13 - 30th so order your bag soon!

Check them out at Beca Bags today!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lyla Blu: Thermals with Attitude

My favorite winter outfit for the boys is layering a cozy thermal with a stylin' tee. Lyla Blu has eliminated the need for the tee and put the rock and roll style right on the thermal.

Lyla Blu thermals take fun and fashion forward hippy inspired screen prints and match them with 100% cotton thermals for the perfect cold weather wear. As with most thermals, they just get softer and even more comfy with each machine washing. My favorite is their "Love Child" thermal!

Lyla Blu is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities including Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, Britney Spears, and Kelly Ripa. Sean Preston and Billy Bob Thornton's daughter, Bella, have both been recently photographed in their Lyla Blu tees. Britney Spears even reportedly purchased one of the Lyla Blu onsies last weekend while out shopping with Paris Hilton.

You can purchase their thermals at select retailers or online at Lyla Blu.

Patricia Ann Designs: Cover Up in Style

Why have a plain carseat when you can have an extraordinary one? All it takes is a car seat cover from Patricia Ann Designs to dress up your carseat to one with some Hollywood style.

Patricia Ann carseat covers are designed to fit most standard car seats and are reversible to give you two stylish looks. They just slip on over your traditional carseat cover and slip off for easy washing.

The carseat covers come with two coordinating strap covers and a matching canopy cover to complete the stylish look. There is even a unique interior pocket to stash a favorite toy or pacifier while on the go.

Another one of my favorite products from Patricia Ann Designs is their shopping cart covers -- the perfect splurge for cold and flu season!

The covers are designed to fit even oversized shopping carts. They just slip over the cart and pushbar to protect baby and you from any lingering germs. The design includes two pockets for your child's favorite toy.

Patricia Ann Designs is the creation of a mother/daughter team. The business was literally started in a garage and is now available at fine retailers including Nordstrom's. Their products are a Hollywood favorite with fans like Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani, Denise Richards, and more.

Place your order by December 9th for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baby Bean Daywear: Everything Old is New Again

I am a vintage girl at heart. We have spent the last several years renovating our 1920's home back into it's former glory. Most Saturdays find me at flea markets and estate sales trying to find my next furniture or textile project for the house. I was thoroughly delighted to discover the fashions created by Baby Bean Vintage Daywear a line created with my tastes in mind.

Baby Bean was created by Christine Visneau, a designer and mother of two daughters. Christine was inspired by vintage fabrics, vintage kid's clothing and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind collection that truly captures the vintage spirit. Each girly fashion is created using specially selected 100% vintage fabrics in a vintage inspired design.

Because each item is made by hand from assorted vintage fabrics. No two are quite alike. If you prefer to choose your fabric, you can contact them to see current swatch selections or you can leave it up to the creative experts to make you a completely unique item.

The simple design of the Audrey daydress is my absolute favorite. The simple A-line design gives the perfect 60's inspired silhouette in a variety of vibrant colors. Imagine the smiles this adorable daydress will get in your Christmas portraits!

The comfort of the tuxedo pant and the peacock tee are perfect for post-holiday lounging around.

Of course such a unique brand will have celebrity fans. Their creations have been seen out on such tykes as Apple Martin who sported their Amalie dress in US Weekly!

Available online at

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Goo-ga Peanut Shell: Baby Wearing Made Easy

It has been well documented that wearing baby can be great for both mom and the little one. The one problem is that alot of carriers can be complicated to use and can make you tire of using them.

Goo-ga has created the Peanut Shell Baby Sling to take the complications out of wearing your little one. With the Peanut Shell, there are no buckles, metal rings, or adjustments to be made. Just slip the sling on, insert baby, and go. It's comfortable pouch-style design is available in a variety of fabrics including cozy micro-fleece, smooth cotton sateen, and stylish cotton reversibles that allow perfect amount of stretch for little bodies.

The Peanut Shell is machine washable for easy wash and wear care. Practibly priced between $44 - $68 they won't break bank either!

Their "Squirt" style was recently photographed being worn by Brooke Shields wearing baby Grier at the beach.

Stork Bites: Bit Sized Announcments

Sometimes you want just a little something to announce baby's birth. Something that can be easily tuck into your purse or wallet or even into this year's Christmas cards.

Pea Pod Announcments have come up with the perfect solution. Their exclusive mini-sized "Stork Bites" allow you the full impact of a full sized announcement in a smaller size.

You can even add up to two photos on the flip side to add a more personal touch!

Kashwere: The Ultimate in Baby Luxury

Love the feel of cashmere, but can't imagine using it for your little one. Kashwere has a gorgeous, plush line of cashmere-like jackets, hats, and blankets that will bring the softness of cashmere to your tykes.

Kashwere's jackets are made from cashmere-like synthetic fabric at very un-cashmere-like prices. They are designed to never shrink, pill, or fade. The best feature is that although they feel like cashmere, you can machine wash and dry your kashwere jacket. The jackets are avilable in a variety of colors: pink, blue,

cream, and iris.

Kashwere's adult robes were featured as one of Oprah's 2005 Favorite Things!

Check out their plush baby and kids line at Kashwere and pamper your child in luxury today.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bobo Brooklyn: Superhero Capes for Everyday Kids

There's something about childhood and superheros that is magical. All it takes in my house is a blanket or a towel wrapped around their shoulders to turn my boys into their own little imagainary superfriend.

Bobo Brooklyn has taken the superhero cape a step farther and created an official cape that doubles as a towel. Their capes are made from soft Thai Satin and lined with Natural Sherpa from the Carolinas. The Bobo Brooklyn cape is perfect for the beach, pool, or bathtub. It definitely makes my kids superhero dreams come true!

In addition to the childhood classic cape, Bobo Brooklyn has a complete line of superhero tees designed for both the kids and their parents.

Checkout their complete line at Bobo Brooklyn today!

Pumpkin Noodle Holiday Tees

Pumpkin Noodle has come out with some new designs just in time for the Holidays. These adorable holiday additions include: "Dear Santa: Define Naughty" and "I Believe".

Pumpkin Noodle also provides free shipping and complementary wrapping on all orders making their tees an ideal Christmas gift.

See our review of Pumpkin Noodle when they donated to a family in need for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bebello: Clothing for Multitasking Moms

As a work at home mom, I am no stranger to multitasking. In fact its a way of life in our family. Bebello has designed a clothing line after my own multi-tasking heart!

My favorite product is their Betty Reversible Dress which allows you to buy two dresses for the price of one. The versatile reversible dress matches unique boho chic style with classic solids to let you match the dress to your little one's mood. Matching bonnets and headbands are available to help the ensemble make a statement. (Photo on the left shows both sides of their vineyard haze dress.)

Bebello hasn't forgotten the boys either. Their Marlowe Vest and matching hat are perfect for your little aviator. This toasty little collection comes in both a vest or a jacket and cuddles your guy up like a teddy bear. The fabric is machine washable for easy cleanup.

Bebello is the creation of Alexi Drosu and Gabriela Drosu. Alexi is a former InStyle magazine editor with an eye for style. Her sister Gabriela brings a background in architecture with an eye for design. The two have created a line that combines boho chic with urban wearability.

Find a retailer or purchase online at Bebello

Monday, November 20, 2006

Boon Bath Goods: Bathtime Fun

Bath time is battle time at my house. It is a constant battle to get two wiggly three year olds into the bathtub and even more of a struggle to get them out.

The bright colored, funky bath appliques from Boon Bath Goods make the time spent in the time a fun and playful time for all. The Boon Bath Goods collection includes a collection of bath appliques, 3 silicone balls, and 2 mini-scrubbies.

The toys do not absorb water so there is no need to worry about mold and mildew.

Available online at for $14.99

Walk With Me Baby Carrier Cover: Cozy Baby Warmth

Baby carriers are especially popular right now, but with the cooler winter months they can be impractible. cc3design has come up with a solution that allows you to wear baby and keep them warm and covered at the same time.

The Walk With Me Baby Carrier Cover is crafted out of super-soft fleece and designed to swaddle baby in warmth while your out and about. The cover is designed to be used with a Baby Bjorn or other standard brand baby carrier to keep their little arms and legs warm while on the go.

When baby is facing inward, use the built in hood to tuck baby in extra cozy warmth. When the baby is facing forward, use the matching hat to conserve the baby's natural body heat.

The Walk With Me Baby Carrier Cover retails for approximately $70 and comes with the matching hat. It comes in a selection of six color combinations.

You can find the Walk With Me Baby Carrier Cover at select retailers and at a variety of online retailers including Chic Baby Boutique and Polka Dot Whale

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Glug Baby: Fresh Everyday Style

Since my boys spend most of their time in comfy tees and jeans, I'm always on the lookout for fresh new styles. I hit the motherlode at Glug Baby!

Glug Baby has designed a line of bright, fresh everyday wear that is designed with real kids in mind. Each silk screened tee features a bright pop-art inspired design. The tee-shirts are perfect for comfortable play and can take out whatever your little ones can dish out.

Glug Baby was designed by a husband and wife team in San Francisco shortly after the arrival of their own daughter. They wanted to create a line that was well-designed and well constructed that had a fresh, modern twist. Based on their current offerings, they have certainly succeeded.

One of my kids loves animals. I found the perfect christmas gift for him with the Glug Baby monkey tee. I know that as soon as he opens the box containing it will be only shirt he will want to put on. The monkey tee is available in grey,
orange, and brown. I can't wait to see what new animal designs they have in store for the next season!

Check out the complete collection at Glug Baby

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Petunia Petunia: A Friend to Cuddle Up With

Every little one needs a special friend. The one they play with all day and cuddle up with to go to sleep at night. PetuniaPetunia has created an adorable line of Amijuka Moochies to be that special friend for your child.

The Amijuku Moochies are hand-crocheted out of alpaca, wool and acrylic. Each moochie measures approximately 12 inches tall.

The best part of the Amijuku Moochie is that they are machine washable -- perfect for those times when they look a little too loved.

Each moochie has their own character and mini story -- some of the current friends available Kiko -- a little Ninja, Mojo -- a magic monkey, Flicka -- a theatrical monkey, Lala -- a world travelling surfer girl, Alba -- a little princess, and Punch & Coco -- the comical and sweet piggies.

PetuniaPetunia also offers baby bedding, blankets, hats, and cute tooth fairy pillows.

Petunia Petunia is a celebrity mom favorite with A-List fans like: Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing.

Part of the spirit of Petunia is the creative and playful products and everytime you turn around there's a new bloom on the vine!

Visit PetuniaPetunia to find your special friend.

Vincent Shoes: Fashionable Footwear for Little Feet

I may have mentioned before that I am a shoe girl. I love shoes. It is my one splurge for myself -- well and bags, but this is a shoe post. My boys are not all that interested in shoes. In their eyes, a good pair of shoes has spiderman on the side and flashing lights in the soles.

I made my first break-through in expanding their shoe horizons when I introduced them to Vincent Shoes. Our package from Vincent arrived the day before we were due to attend a family wedding. My eyes lit up immediately -- for once their shoes would look great at a formal function!

Little B wore a pair of the Vincent "Simon" shoes. The Simon style features a fun variation of a traditional houndtooth pattern in a stylish high-top. His shoes received rave compliments and were designed to easily make the transition from formal time to play time with comfort.

The big surprise was the pair of "William" shoes that Little C sported. The William is much more subdued than the Simon, but my son who only wears sneakers has adopted them as his daily shoe.

These are the perfect shoe for an active boy designed in a combination of leather and sued. They have the style of a dress shoe, but the sole is designed for active use -- very similar to a hiking boot's sole. The William model is the ideal shoe for the transition between seasons when it's not quite time for boots. These are the shoes that can convince even an eight year old boy that shoes can be "cool".

Check out the complete line of stylish children's shoes and boots at Vincent Shoes today!

Bitty Bee: Most Likely to Succeed

Are you tired of the too-tight, too-short, too-much tees that seem to be everywhere for today's girls? It's time for some clothes that are designed to empower tomorrows young women (and their moms too!)

Bitty Bee was created by a mom of three girls who was tired of searching through piles of inappropriate clothing to find something that would allow her girls to truly express themselves.

The solution was a top quality line of empowerment tees that send a positive message with sayings like "Most Likely to Succeed", "Me Amo" (which means I love myself in Spanish, and "Michiko" (which means "child of beautiful knowledge" in Japanese). Each tee is available in a variety of some of today's most fashionable colors. The tees are the perfect balance of style, fashion, and comfort to help boost the confidence of your girls.

Each tee even comes with a special hangtag that has information of a fabulous female that has made a positive contribution to the world. Who knew clothing could come with a history lesson?

These tees would make a wonderful Christmas gift that little girls will gush over and parents will appreciate!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

La Folie Knits: Hand Knits with Personality

It's time to break out the winter clothing and get ready to bundle the kids up against the cold. Your kids winter accessories don't have to be simple and plain or adorned with the latest superhero.

The adorable knits created by La Folie Knits are have infused traditional knit accessorie with a sense of whimsy and fun. These are definitely not grandma's knitting! No matter where you are these creations are sure to make a statement.

The La Folie knitwear line was created by two sisters who wanted their kids to stand out on the playground. They have designed a hip, colorful collection that has been inspired by childish fun and is sure to bring a smile to your face. The names of the products say it all: The One Armed Bandit Sweater, The Twisted Mister Hat, and the Lev's Me Warm Scarf.

Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple was recently photographed sporting her La Folie "Babe in the Woods" hat in Chocolate-Rose Pink-Putty.

You can purchase directly from the La Folie website or at select retailers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Debbie Rott: Rockin' Mom Style

Style and diaper bag are not two things that typically go together. And to find a bag that is designed for usability too is nearly impossible.

Pretty bags don't carry enough, big bags aren't stylish enough. A new line of diaper bags by Debbie Rott has found a solution forthis mommy dilemma.

The "Eva Rocker" diaper bag is designed with real moms in mind. It's roomy design and tons of pockets allow you to stash all the baby and mommy gear you need for a day out. The exterior is pure rock n' roll with plenty of studs and zippers to truly make a statement. Crafted out of American leather, it is durable to baby spills and requires just a damp rag cleanup.

Available in a wide range of colors from standard rock n' roll black to a pretty preppy pink.

You can buy Debbie Rott Diaper bags at select online retailers such as My Little Ducks and Childish today!

Svan: Mini Furniture with Big Style

We recently had a reader request for a sturdy, stylish kid's size table.

One of my favorite baby and kid furniture company, Svan USA, has introduced a brand new mini furniture set in a gorgeous espresso color (it was previously only offered in natural wood).

The mini-furniture set has a sleek, modern design and comes with a round table, 3 chairs, and a stool with plenty of room for tea parties and art projects.

The new espresso color is perfect for parents who prefer darker furniture -- it will hid those minor art "accidents" perfectly!

The espresso mini furniture set is available at BabyStyle now!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holiday Sale at Beca Bags

Celebrity favorite diaper bags, Beca Bags, is having a one-time holiday sale. Take 30 - 40% off all regular priced fall merchandise. Just enter coupon code "Holiday" at checkout.

Beca Bags are a favorite among celebrity moms -- Jennifer Garner was photographed with her Beca Bag just last week!

The offer is only valid from November 13 - 30th so order your bag soon!

Check them out at Beca Bags today.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two Tinas: Haute Holiday Blanket

Want a present to remember baby's first Christmas? Two Tinas has created this chic holiday treasure just in time for the holidays. It is the perfect mix of modern design mixed with traditional holiday colors. The blanket reverses to a ultra soft white "chicmink" back.

Each of their blankets can be personalized with your own little one's initial. Their blankets are machine washable making it perfect for everyday use.

Check out their complete line of hip baby blankets and unique onsies at Two Tinas today!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bella Tunno: Baby Basics with Chichi Flair

Just because they are designed to get dirty doesn't mean your baby basics need to be plain. Bella Tunno has created a line of baby bibs, burp cloths, and changing pads with extra special flair.
Rather than a run of the mill bib, their bibs are created out of colorful fabrics in unique prints. They are designed not only to protect your baby's clothing, but enhance it as the perfect baby accessory. Each bib features a stylish front backed with coordinating coruroy or plush terry velour. They have an extended velcro closure that will allow them to grow with your child.

Bella Bibs are oversized compared to what is commonly available at 9"x15" which makes standard bibs look wimpy in comparison.

For a nominal fee, you can have your bib personalized with the child's name or monogram and would make an ideal gift. My personal favorite is their cow print!

Another great product they have to offer are their "Binkers". Now your baby can hold onto their binky in style!

If you've ever had to go back through a store or dig in the dark in a car for the beloved binky, you know how great this product can be. The Bella Binker is a stylish pacifier clip that allows you to attach baby's binky directly to their outfit. They are available in 30 grosgrain ribbon selections so you can get one to coordinate with baby's stylish ensemble.

Bella Tunno is a celebrity gift bag favorite and has appeared in both the 2005 Golden Globes Boom Boom Room and in the 2006 MTV Movie Awards Movie Awards Style Lounge.

View their complete line at Bella Tunno.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

7AM Enfant: A Warm Spot for the Baby on the Go

The winter months bring the constant challenge of keeping your baby protected from the elements. 7 A.M Enfant has developed a line of products that are perfect for the winter ahead. Their baby bundles sacs are their primary products and are perfect for toting or strolling in the city. The sacs are very similar to a small, portable sleeping bag with a soft interior and a protective exterior.

7AM products come in a varity of vibrant and classic colors. Their popular Igloo line features a five-point harness opening to make it easy to safely attach the sac to any standard stroller or carseat. 7 AM takes great care in creating a quality product. They use the finest materials with a water-repellent shell to protect your baby on your outdoor excursions while keeping them toasty and warm.

The 7 AM Igloo is also a favorite among celebrity moms -- Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were recently photographed walking with Matilda bundled up in a 7 AM Enfant Le Sac Igloo.

You can purchase their products on their website or at Barneys, high-end baby boutiques, and outdoor retailers throughout the US and Canada.