Sunday, November 19, 2006

Glug Baby: Fresh Everyday Style

Since my boys spend most of their time in comfy tees and jeans, I'm always on the lookout for fresh new styles. I hit the motherlode at Glug Baby!

Glug Baby has designed a line of bright, fresh everyday wear that is designed with real kids in mind. Each silk screened tee features a bright pop-art inspired design. The tee-shirts are perfect for comfortable play and can take out whatever your little ones can dish out.

Glug Baby was designed by a husband and wife team in San Francisco shortly after the arrival of their own daughter. They wanted to create a line that was well-designed and well constructed that had a fresh, modern twist. Based on their current offerings, they have certainly succeeded.

One of my kids loves animals. I found the perfect christmas gift for him with the Glug Baby monkey tee. I know that as soon as he opens the box containing it will be only shirt he will want to put on. The monkey tee is available in grey,
orange, and brown. I can't wait to see what new animal designs they have in store for the next season!

Check out the complete collection at Glug Baby

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