Monday, April 30, 2007

Dirty Laundry Tees: Making Dirty Laundry Fun and Creative

I never thought I'd say the words "I love Dirty Laundry", but when the dirty laundry is a creative line of stylish tees and onsies that's exactly what I'm saying.

This hip line of children's tees and onesies are whimsical and artistic -- a bit like wearable art for little bodies. There is no silk-screening here, instead each tee is adorned with colorful, handcut appliques applied via heat press or handstitching.

My personal fav is definitely the "Supa Man". It's perfect for those little boys who are obsessed with superheros without the blantent marketing plug for the movie of the month!

They may not make doing the laundry any more fun, but the adorable designs are sure to bring a smile on your face as you adorn your little ones in their very own Dirty Laundry!

Fans of this adorable line include Halle Berry and Sarah McLachlan.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Inside Jaime Pressley's Jungle Inspired Nursery

Jaime Pressley gave US Weekly a sneak peek at the safari-themed nursery that she created with the help of Pottery Barn Kids for son Dezi James.

Jaime worked with designer Erinn Valencich to turn a spare room in her Los Angeles home into a custom designed jungle complete with vines and monkeys.

"It's great stimulation and he'll grown into it. Teddy bears get old," she explains.

For the room, Jaime and fiance Eric Cubiche selected the Pottery Barn Kids Larkin Dresser and Sleigh Crib since they would work for either a boy or a girl.

She selected the Pottery Barn Kids Marin Table Lamp for the side table. Along with the lamp the table features her own baby photo, "It's important to have different generations represented in the room," she says.

The artwork was inspired by the Jungle Book and were painted by Los Angeles artist Seizer-One. The giraffe and elephant were purchased from FAO Schwartz.

The chairs were painted by one of Eric's cousins. She says of the chairs, "It means so much to us."

The chick magnet pillow and other accessories were gifts.

The actress is eager to meet her new addition due May 8 and there is something else she is eager to see, "I can't wait to get my body back!"

Even through she's eager to welcome Dezi, she's already starting to make plans for the next baby. She says, "In the next two years I'd like another child, so Dezi has a companion."

Source: US Weekly

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Original Little Sprout: Taming the Tangles

I admit it. I hate my hair. I have ultra-fine, ultra-limp hair. Until the advent of "product" I couldn't get it to do anything. Now with a little chemical assistance I can pull off a stylin' hairstyle for about five minutes.

Much to my delight at about six months one of the boys' hair popped up with a flurry of curls that I had been trying to achieve for my entire life. Wouldn't you know that there is a downside of such gorgeous curls? Tangles, lots of little tangles. The kind of tangles that a comb has no hope of getting through without tears following.

We tried every detangler we could find at the store - most helped a little but combing was still a frustrating time for both of us.

I finally stumbled upon, the Children's Miracle Detangler by The Original Little Sprout, which has tamed the mane! It's name says it all -- this is the best detangler I have come across! The unique quick release formula works on even the toughest of tangles and has turned this once dreaded time into a fun playtime with little B. He loves to hold the bottle as a comb out the tangles and when we hit a bad one eagerly offers up the spray to solve the problem area.

One thing that is missing in the Children's Miracle Detangler formula is the formaldehyde that is found in most other detangler's! For use on either wet or dry hair and has a just washed feeling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Bean's Spring / Summer Line

One of my favorite clothing lines for little girls has released its Spring / Summer collection. I'm a vintage girl at heart and the vintage inspired designs by Baby Bean are perfect for the lazy days of summer. Full of subtle flowery vintage fabrics and flowy designs, the new collection is perfect for today's hip, cool, girly-girls.

Check out our review of Baby Bean here.

Baby Oopz: Because Every Baby Has Accidents

Every parent has had that moment when they lean down to pick up their child from the carseat or stroller to discover "oh-oh" a leak has sprung. Time for the emergency set of clothes. The emergency clothes that you forgot to repack after the last emergency quick change.

Baby Oopz has come up with the solution to this timeless dilemma. Their infant and toddler kits comes with everything you need for those emergency quick changes. The infant kit comes with a short sleeve onesie, a long sleeve onesie, a pair of pants, and a bib all tucked in an easy clean vinyl tote. The toddler kit comes with a t-shirt, shorts, and undies up to size 4T. A definite must have for the parent on the go!

The Baby Oopz kits have been received by Gwen Stefani, Amanda Peet, Marcia Cross, and Angelina Jolie.

Celebrity Product Find: Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers

Nursing is something that takes a degree of privacy even when you need to nurse in those not so private spots. This is a dilemma faced by even celebrity moms and one of the solutions that celebrity moms have embraced are the stylish nursing covers by Bebe au Lait.

Mira Sorvino was recently photographed out shopping wearing her Mayfair "Hooter Hider" by Bebe au Lait. Other celebrity fans of this great line include Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Julia Roberts who have all used these functional covers that allow those special private moments with baby to remain private.

The unique design of the Bebe au Lait
covers includes a unique wire top that allows mom to see baby without everyone seeing mom! The best feature of the Bebe au Lait nursing covers is definitely their price --- reasonably priced at $35 make these covers a celebrity favored accessory that real moms can afford.

See our review of the Bebe au Lait nursing covers here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

MiGi: Fun and Funky Crib Bedding at Affordable Prices

Many expectant moms find themselves gazing at hose amazing nurseries in the baby magazines and thinking "I wish I could afford that." The gorgeous new bedding line by Migi flawlessly combines magazine ready style with real-life mom prices.

Launched last year, MiGi's first collection "Sweet" which features a subtle shades of pinks, reds, and greens quickly became a favorite amongst celebrity moms. Fans of the Sweet collection include Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, Jennie Garth, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Now the minds behind the popular girls' collection have turned their creative juices to designing a collection for the boys. Their latest addition is the "Splash" collection comprised of a collection of underwater designs in shades of blues and greens. Splash has already garnered its own fans in Heidi Klum, Tori Spelling, and Jaime Pressley.

The best part of the MiGi collection is that its designed for every mom that wants that designer look for her nursery on a budget. Available at Target, the six-piece crib sets retail for $179.99 with coordinating accessories ranging from $14.99 - $39.99.

My favorite pieces in the two collections are the Splash harlequin knit blanket and the Sweet crochet blanket which have the style of handcrafted items without the time it takes to make a handmade treasure.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Admiral Road: Turning a Child's Blanket into a Prized Possession

Kids are big fans of stuff that has their name on it. The added personalization takes a blanket from being just a regular blanket to a cherished treasure that needs to go everywhere with them.

The hand-made, personalized baby blankets by Admiral Road will definitely become a child's prized possession. Admiral Road has taken the standard fleece blanket to a whole new level by adding creative designs in themes that children love like animals, flowers, and spaceships. You can choose to have the blanket personalized with your child's name or a treasured phrase.

These blankets are designed to be used and are constructed out of high quality fleece that doesn't pill, shrink, or fade. The best part for mom -- they are completely machine washable!

Available at Admiral Road for $44 - $64 depending on size and personalization.

Admiral Road is quickly becoming a celebrity favorite -- Julia Roberts, Teri Hatcher, Sarah McLachlan, and Debra Messing have all sent the company personal thank yous! They have also been gifted to Denise Richards, Kate Hudson, Christy Turlington, and Reese Witherspoon.

Swaddle Designs: Swaddling Baby in Luxury

Newborn babies love to be swaddled. The process of swaddling gives the baby a sense of comfort and reminds them of being in the womb. Swaddling has also been deemed healthier for baby with studies showing that infants sleep better when swaddled and have few awakenings. Swaddling has also been shown to reduce colic and fussiness and decrease the risk of SIDS.

The Ultimate Receiving Blanket by Swaddle Designs is the perfect blanket for swaddling an infant. The square shape and size of the blanket are designed specifically for the tucks and folds needed to properly swaddle.

Some parents find the effort of swaddling frustrating and confusing. Swaddle Designs takes away the confusion by including easy to follow instructions included directly on a tag on the blanket. When not being used for swaddling, the light-weight blanket is perfect for laying on the floor as a playmat.

Designed by an RN and a mother, the Swaddle Designs receiving blanket deserves a place on every new mom's "must have" list.

Available at select retailers and online at babystyle.

Tori Spelling reportedly requested a bunch of Swaddle Designs prodcuts on her baby registry and Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed out using her blanket when Apple was a baby.

P'kolino: Adorable Clothes Trees that Combine Room Art and Storage

I'm always on the lookout for unique ideas on ways to stash all the "stuff" that comes with having young children.

The folks at P'kolino have unveiled these colorful clothes trees wich are an adorable combination of room art and utilitarian storage.

At just under four feet tall, they are the perfect size for kids to take charge of hanging up their toys and clothing or to use in their playtime as a prop for their imaginations.

The trees are made of birch and are available in green, natural, and brown.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby Dagny: Organic Bamboo Products for Your Babe

Who would have thought that bamboo would make incredibly soft bathrobes, hooded towels, washclothes and bibs? I admit when I first read about the Timboo products available at Baby Dagny, I wasn't so sure. Much to my surprise, I was delighted with the softness of the fabric.

Right now bamboo products are all the rage due to their "green" appeal. Bamboo is gaining popularity due to its status as the world's most sustainable resource, organically replenishable, naturally biogradable, and completely pesticide-free. The big bonus is that the cloth made from this natural resource is incredibly soft and super-aborbent.

Available exclusively at, checkout Timboo products as an alternative to traditional cotton products and help make a little impact on our environment.

Liam McDermott Sports New for Baby

Liam McDermott was recently photographed out with parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott sporting an adorable outfit made by New for Baby.

New for Baby specializes in creating comfortable and hip baby clothing that is perfect for newborns. Their mix-and-match collection are a great wardrobe starter for any new mom.

Read our review of this incredible line here.

Get Liam's full ensemble here.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tuni and G: Don't Ya Wish Your Mommy Had a Tee Like Me

Looking for a special gift for Mother's Day? One of the hottest new brands on the Celebrity Mom circuit is Tuni & G which create fun and funky "Mommy and Me" tees, tanks, and hoodie sets.

Their adorable interactive sets combine timely sayings and stylish comfort that both you and your child can enjoy.

Their hotseller is the fun "Don't ya wish your mommy was hot like mine?"/ "Don't ya?" that was just purchased by Britney Spears. Other selections include "Attitude / Attitude in Training", "Queen / Prince or Princess", and "Boys Mama / Mama's Boy".

Think about the fun and smiles it will bring to both mom and child to have their own special set to sport on Mother's Day! If you don't want to purchase a complete set, their styles are also available in both adult and childrens sizes.

This hot line was selected to participate in the 2007 Pre-Oscar Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club Gift Baskets and has been gifted to celebrities Tori Spelling, Trista "The Bachelorette" Sutter, and Felicity Huffman.

Available online at

Friday, April 13, 2007

Angelic Genius: Honoring Your Own Adorable Idol

Hooked on American Idol? Now your kids can share the fun with their very own "Adorable Idol" t-shirts from Angelic Genius.

This super soft light blue cotton tee is sure to be a conversation starter and make your child the star of the playground. Available in sizes from 3 months - 6T.

Read our review of Angelic Genius' sassy children's designs here.

Blirt Organic Tees: Fun Wordplay with a Modern Twist

When you have a child you quickly find out how silly some of the everyday figures of speech we use really are.

Blirt has introduced a line of t's that introduces a feeling of playfullness about some of the oddities of the English language. Their tees use offbeat interpretations of figures of speech that children can easily relate to such as "fish out of water", and "bull in a china shop". The whole line is unisex in cut and color.

All of their clothing is made of 100% organic cotton using low impact designs making Blirt both kid friendly and earth friendly. Each tee comes with a booklet that will playfully teach your child the derivations and definitions of each of the quirky sayings.

The modern designs were a huge hit with my boys who each have very different, unique tastes when it comes to both clothing and artwork. They typically can't agree on anything, but all were delighted with the blirt creations! Each tee brought giggles, questions, and fun for all!

Check out the complete line at Blirtshirt - I can't wait for their "bookworm" shirt to come out in May!

Hand Picked Pumpkin: Ready for Summer

I decided it was time to visit some of my favorite websites that we've previously reviewed to see what they have in line for Spring / Summer.

First up is Handpicked Pumpkin, which creates custom designed, hand sewn baby clothing. The best part of Handpicked Pumpkin is that they allow mom or dad to select color combinations or specific fabrics themselves for a completely customized look for your little.
Up for Spring are 9 new styles ready for the upcoming warm weather. The new spring styles are perfect for mixing and matcing in today's popular color combos full of pinks, blues, and browns. All of the pieces are constructed with 100% cotton fabrics so they are designed to be played in, machine washed and played in again. Perfect for everyday wear!

See our review of Handpicked Pumpkin here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Scoop on Tori Spelling's Modern Nursery

We've gotten a bunch of questions on Tori Spelling's nursery for her son Liam so here's the details...

Tori and husband Dean McDermott wanted to design a nursery that fits their modern tastes. To help them design the nursery, they turned to the online boutique Nursery Couture.

"Because Tori and Dean (McDermott, her husband) are ultra-modern, funky people, they wanted to stick with the same theme for their nursery," Spelling's designer Katy Mimari says.

Nursery Couture helped the couple design a parent-friendly, design-conscious nursery.

Tori had some specific requests for her nursery. She wanted a brown, blue, and lime color scheme filled with modern furniture, darkwood, and bubble motifs. The biggest request was the inclusion of a zebra rug by Jonathan Adler she already owned from her LA home.

"She previously purchased it," Mimari says. "She said, 'I know I want a modern nursery. I know I want to use Caden Lane bedding. But I'm in love with this rug, and I don't know how it's going to work.'"

The rug fits the modern styled nursery perfectly And yet it fit perfectly with the ultra-modern Aerial Crib by Nurseryworks and matching changing table with the white-on-white circle designs, as well as the mini library by Oeuf.

"The library has all these cubbies, so it was a fun place to put little accents like picture frames and stacks of blankets," Mimari says. "It made it a little more eclectic, which is cool, because it opens the door to more mommies who maybe aren't in the mix of things in New York or L.A. to go, 'Well, maybe I can be more modern and not have it stand out from the rest of my home.' "

Can't afford Tori's stuff yourself? Here's some affordable options:

Argington Sahara Crib

Offi Bebe Changing Table

Sara Bear Diaper Caddies: Containing Diaper Change Clutter

When I had my first child, I decked myself out with a fully stocked changing table. I even created my own custom cover for the changing pad itself. I used it once. After that, I realized it was just easier to keep a basket with all my essentials and just change the boys on a blankie on the floor.

The minute I saw the diaper caddies by Sara Bear, I had changing basket envy.

The baskets have a central storage area to hold bigger items like diaper wipe containers, toys, and blankets. Five sturdy fabric designers hold smaller items in place.
Their collection of adorable liners make it easy to fit your nursery decor.

The sturdy design of the basket itself makes it perfect to tote from nursery to living room to playroom and back again.

The Sara Bear diaper caddies make it high on my list for baby shower gifts this season! Stock one up with some baby supplies and it will be a sure audience pleaser.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Gifted Grasshopper: Fostering Kids Love of Reading

Looking for a gift that both you and your child will love. The Gifted Grasshopper has the solution - gift bags packed with children's book appropriate for their age and the specific occassion.

Each gift bag includes a canvas tote bag emroidered with their grasshopper logo. Each child's tote is filled with books based on the child's reading level. Select baby, toddler, preschool, K-1, 2-3, or even have them create a custom bag just for you based on your child's interests.

The gift bags range in price from $29.99-$74.99 and include a bookmark, plush toy, and Gifted Grasshopper play reading glasses.

The perfect gift for fostering your child's love of reading today!

Brooke Shields' Daughter Grier Wearing Isabooties!

Isabooties are one of our favorite baby shoe collections and apparently Brooke Shields loves them too!

Brooke was recently photographed carrying daughter Grier wearing Isabooties "Chocolate Fleurs" design.

Isabooties are perfect for early walkers designed using super-soft, breathable Ultrasuede fabric and a strong non-slip, durable Toughteck soles. Baby's feet are subtly protected while they take those first precious steps.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Design Her Gals: Create Your Own Onlkine Mini Me

It was love at first click when I found the "Design Her Gals" website. Three of my great passions combined in one spot - cool computer graphics, shopping for stylish clothes for my online self, and raising funds for breast cancer treatment.

Design Her Gals is an innovative site that lets you customize a gal in your likeness (or your mom, sister, best friend's likeness) and print your "gal" out on your own customized stationery, t-shirt, business card, or more. You select the body type, hair color, eye color, and outfit and just watch as the site created your very own mini-me.

As much fun as it is to create your gal, the purpose of the site is much bigger. Design Her Gals was created as a fun way to raise funds and awareness for Stage 4 breast cancer patients. The founders are attempting to raise $1 million dollars over the next 3 years to raise the funds which will go toward fulfilling wishes for Stage 4 breast cancer patients and their families. In addition, funds are being used to sponsor and support a nationwide website dedicated to this important segment of the breast cancer community. Five percent of every sale goes directly to the Gal to Gal Foundation to raise funds for this great cause.

One of the founders of Design Her Gals, Jean Fitzmaurice, was recently selected as one of the 2007 Yoplait Champions. She was selected by Yoplait, Susan G. Komen and Self Magazine as one of 25 ordinary women and men doing extraordinary things in their communities to help in the fight against breast cancer.

You can even get your own free gal to use on your website -- all you need to do is sign up as an affiliate and link back to to bring them more traffic towards their $1million goal!!

Also for those of you who want to know what I look like, it's pretty close to my personal "gal"!

Introducing the New Dress Collection by Michael Stars

Michael Stars has long been a celebrity favorite for their comfy t-shirt collection. Now they've introduced a brand new collection of dresses that are designed with simple feminine silhouettes.

The dresses have captured the characteristics that make their t-shirts a must-have. Ultra comfortable fabrics combined with flattering flowy style that will compliment just about every body type.

Perfect for a summer day at the office or a weekend wedding, Michael Stars dresses are perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Check them out today at

Patagonia: Creating Tee Shirts You Can Recycle

You recycle your cans and those cardboard boxes your soda comes in why not recycle your t-shirts? The t-shirts by Patagonia are created with the true spirit of conservation at heart. Each shirt is constructed with 100% organic cotton and are garment-washed for extra softness.

Even though they are built to last with taped shoulder seams and double-stitched sleeves and hem -- they are meant to be recycled when their time is up.

With their unique Common Threads Garment Recycling Program, customers are able to return their used organic cotton t-shirts to Patagoni to help maximize the clothes useful life.

Piperlime: Shoes that Combine Form and Function

Summer is quickly approaching and I'm on the hunt for a great pair of sandals.

For moms, shoes often become a combination of form and function. I like to wear a cute pair of shoes, but they also have to be functional so I can run after a couple of active three year olds.

The shoes by Piperlime are perfect for my busy mom lifestyle. Not only are they cute, but their comfy sandals are perfect for my mommy afternoons at the pool.

Check out their complete collection of shoes for moms, dads, kids, and everyone in between at Piperlime today!

Easter Adorable: Chillin' With My Peeps Rompers and Onesies

Easter is a holiday designed for "cute". Cute bunnies, cute eggs, cute kiddies, and even cute onesies and tees abound everywhere.

One of the standard staples of the day are the eternal "peeps" candy. Easter morning brings a collection of the marshmallow flavored candy in a variety of colors including pink, lavender, blue, green, and yellow. Now they even come in cocoa and -sugar-free varieties.

Rather than just consuming the treats in a flurry of Easter morning sugar rush, now your little guy can sport his own "peeps" inspired fashions.

Look for your own "Chillin' with my Peeps" onesies and rompers from Babesta in grass green, cherry blossom, and asphalt. Available at $20 apiece, they are a piece of peeps fashion that can be enjoyed year round.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Twinkle Kids: Cakes Designed for Rainy Day Distractions

Spring is a time where you often want to be outside, but the weather just won't let you. Kids and moms alike find themselves without major spring fever and in need of some inside distractions.

Twinkle Kids has a fabulous project that is designed to keep kids busy for hours. Each kit comes with a three tiered faux "cake" and a collection of felt embellishments that kids can attach, unattach to create a custom one-of-a-kind cake that is sure to leave them brimming with pride.

You can even purchase extra add-on decorations to give your kids even more design options.

If you want something smaller, they have introduced a new collection of"mini-cakes" perfect for smaller kids.

Check out these perfect rainy day distractions at Twinkle Kids today!

Moms of triplets -- check out their new rock, paper, scissors tees -- too cute!

Mothers Day Sale at Made By Angie

Easter is upon us and it's time to start looking forward to Mothers Day!

To honor the season, Made by Angie is offering 15% off all purchases at Made by Angie through Mother's Day. Place your order by May 2nd to ensure delivery by Mother's Day.

Their baby wipe containers are the perfect gift for all of those fabulous moms and moms-to-be you know on this special holiday.

See our review of Made by Angie here.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Clearance Time at Coco-Bebe

I love this time of year when the weather starts to warm up and the stores all get ready to bring in the new Spring styles.

Coco-bebe is having a winter clearance sale on all of their vintage inspired blankets and diaper bags. For a limited time only you can receive 30% off the total price of you order.

Look for great new Spring styles coming out soon!