Friday, April 13, 2007

Blirt Organic Tees: Fun Wordplay with a Modern Twist

When you have a child you quickly find out how silly some of the everyday figures of speech we use really are.

Blirt has introduced a line of t's that introduces a feeling of playfullness about some of the oddities of the English language. Their tees use offbeat interpretations of figures of speech that children can easily relate to such as "fish out of water", and "bull in a china shop". The whole line is unisex in cut and color.

All of their clothing is made of 100% organic cotton using low impact designs making Blirt both kid friendly and earth friendly. Each tee comes with a booklet that will playfully teach your child the derivations and definitions of each of the quirky sayings.

The modern designs were a huge hit with my boys who each have very different, unique tastes when it comes to both clothing and artwork. They typically can't agree on anything, but all were delighted with the blirt creations! Each tee brought giggles, questions, and fun for all!

Check out the complete line at Blirtshirt - I can't wait for their "bookworm" shirt to come out in May!

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