Monday, February 19, 2007

Twinkle Kids: Hair Clips with a Touch of Whimsy

I've previously written about the adorable tees by Twinkle Kids, but I was so impressed with their whimsical hair clips that they needed their own posting.

These fun, handmade hairsnaps are crafted out of 100% wool felt from holland. The felt gives them an extra depth that you just don't find in most accessories for kids.

Their designs have a degree of whimsy and feature retro inspired flowers, animals, or even your child's initials.

These hairclips retial for $12 - $15.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hand Picked Pumpkin: Customizable Duds for Your Infant

Adorable twins, Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah, appeared on today's episode of Oprah with their parents Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance wearing hoodies specially created for them by Hand Picked Pumpkin.

Hand Picked Pumpkin creates custom designed, hand sewn baby clothing and lets mom-and-dad have a hand in the creation. The result is a collection clothing that captures your child's unique personality and your own creativity. All you have to do is point and click your choices and they will create your own one of a kind piece for you!

If you don't want to customize your own piece, each garmet is also available in a ready-made version.

Definitely check out Hand Picked Pumpkin today!

For more great product reviews visit The Stylish Child.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knock Knock: Babysitter Prep Done Eay

The life of a soccer mom requires lists -- lots and lots of lists.

With Valentine's Day upon us, my husband and I are having one of our rare nights out. A night that doesn't involve a restaurant that stocks coloring books and crayons. Since we don't frequently use a nighttime babysitter, I have a new list to make.

Knock Knock has made my job much easier with their "Don't Kill the Kids and Other Babysitter Basics" pad.

Their pads put the humor and reality back into the lists that abound around our house. Instead of just the basics of where you'll be and how to contact you. You can let the sitter know if they should answer the phone or the door, any bedtime rituals that will make their life easier, any hot-button for your kids such as "fear of the dark" or "vegetable avoidance", and even has a place for the babysitter to rate your kids behavior and leave you any notes -- they can even indicate whether you should even bother to call them again.

They have lots of other pads to make your life easier including the "All out of" preprinted grocery list, "Do your chores", and "Checklist for leaving the house".

Just $6.99 for a pad of 60 make these pads a must have for the mommy on the go!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Little by Jenny: Wearable Art Inspired Tees with a Message

One of my favorite new finds is Little by Jenny which creates a line of handcrafted clothing that melts artwork into fashion. Their wearable artwork is sure to be treasured.

Each tee and pair of pants are hand painted on American Apparel onesies and t-shirts in colors such as pink, blue, lavender, lemon and grass. Each style is available in sizes ranging from 3-6 months all the way up to 6T and retails for $25. Her current collection features trees and the impact we've had on them.

They also have adult sized versions so you can look as stylin' as your kids!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Diaper Clutch: Making Changes on the Go Easy

There is never anything easy about diaper changes on the go. It's always a challenge to find a clean, safe place for the change and then to get all your gear together makes it even more difficult.

The Diaper Clutch has found a way to simplify the gear involved in changes on the go. Their stylish pouches give you one convenient place to keep your diapers and wipes in a easy to tote carrying case.

The handcrafted pouch is deisigned to easily fit up to four diapers and have and easy access window for a travel sized container of diaper wipes (one pack even comes with each diaper clutch!). Available in a variety of stylish fabrics to fit your own personal style.

Just toss the convenient pouch into your diaper bag and you're all set for those quick changes on the go.

Each Diaper Clutch is available for the affordable price of $15.99.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lylablu: Half Off Bikini Sale

Lyla Blu a celebrity favorite for kids clothing also has an adorable line of bikinis for mom.

These swimsuits are a limited edition line of hand crochet bikinis with the perfect combo of rock n’ roll spirit and hippie love.

Right now they are having a sale for 50% off all bikinis - both for kids and women.

These bikinis are favorites of Lisa Rinna, Kelly Ripa, Teri Hatcher, and Felicity Huffman!

Avalisa: Modern Wall Art with Kids Passions

We're in the process of redecorating the boys' rooms. They have started to hit the transition where they just aren't babies or even toddlers anymore and their rooms needed to match their personalities.

While I was searching high and low for artwork to adorn the walls, I was thrilled to discover Avalisa. They have found a way to take the familiar kids themes such as animals and transportation and add vibrant colors and modern design elements to bring a new spin on them.

The have collections that include animals, color blocks, imaginations, patterns, and things that go. Each piece sells for about $45.

Check out their complete collection at Avalisa.

(We just bought two of the pieces from the "Things That Go" collection for one of the twins rooms and it is fabulous!!)

Svan's Watermelon Bouncer On Sale

I'm a big fan of the products by Svan who have found a way to combine baby function with today's fashion tastes.

For the month of February, their Watermelon and Black bouncer is on sale.

Enter the code "LOVESCI" and receive 10% off the total price and free shipping.

50% Off All Zutano Urban Nature Styles

Zutano has made their new years sale even better. Right now all of their Urban Nature styles are on sale. For a limited time, order online and receive 50% off your favorite winter colors, patterns and body styles.

Visit Zutano to take advantage of this great offer today.

Lylablu: Half Off Bikini Sale

Lyla Blu a celebrity favorite for kids clothing also has an adorable line of bikinis for mom.

These swimsuits are a limited edition line of hand crochet bikinis with the perfect combo of rock n’ roll spirit and hippie love.

Right now they are having a sale for 50% off all bikinis - both for kids and women.

These bikinis are favorites of Lisa Rinna, Kelly Ripa, Teri Hatcher, and Felicity Huffman!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Squidsoap: Making Washtime Fun

When you have little kids, dirty hands are just a fact of life. My boys have no problem getting their hands dirty, but cleaning up can be a battle.

SquidSoap has come up with a fun solution that takes the battle out of clean up time. Their innovative soap combines fun with necessity and teaches kids the proper hand washing technique at the same time.

Squidsoap works by applying a small orange ink mark on your children's hand when they press in the pump to dispense the soap . The soap is designed to wash off after you wash for about 15-20 seconds which is the amount of time recommended by most doctors to kill the germs on your hands.

Each bottle comes with its very own Squishy Squid toy which provides extra entertainment even when the kids are done washing up.

Baby Stud: Stylish Mary Jane Rain Boots

It may be frigid cold in the Midwest, but it's still the perfect time to start thinking about those Spring and Summer fashions.

All too soon, the snow will melt away and the warmer weather will bring in the the Spring showers. Instead of digging for mittens and hats, it will be time to dig for raincoats and rain boots.

Right now, Baby Stud is having a great sale on their "MaryJane" rain boots. These aren't your plain, ordinary rain boots! Available in vibrant purple, white, and bright pink.

Get yours for a limited time at just $24.

If you're looking to stock up on tights - their entire inventory is currently 20% off!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Twinkle-Kids: Taking Kids Tees to the Next Level

I admit it, I'm a crafter. I have a room, "my studio", that is filled with fabric and papers and all kinds of pretty things. The studio is my sanctuary and my happy place in a world full of energenic boys.

When I saw the tees by Twinkle-kids, the crafter in me was extremely impressed. Each of their adorable tees are created out of 100% cotton and embellished with soft wool felt. The felt gives the design an extra element of style and texture.

Twinkle-kids was created by two good friends and inspired by a set of Twins. "Twin"-kle kids is definitely inspired by a love of crafts and metropolitan tastes which are both evident in the quality and workmanship in their products.

Their styles are simple and stylish in a variety of today's popular color combos. Definitely check out their skyline tee, it's my personal favorite!

Until Kara: Simple Oranic Burp Cloths

When I started shopping for my first baby, I collected all those "must have" lists and one of the items that confused me was the requisite cloth diapers. I was going to use disposable, why would I need cloth diapers?

As a new mom, I quickly found out how indespensible a simple pack of cloth diapers can be. They were perfect for quick cleanups, tossing over my shoulder for burp time, and pretty much every icky job you can imagine. They weren't pretty, but they sure got the job done.

We had two options when we bought our pack - Gerbers blue and Gerbers white.

Until Kara has created a line of organic cloth baby products including a super soft organic cotton burp cloth that any new mom could be proud to toss over her shoulder. These cloths are surprisingly soft with the feel of soft flannel.

If you are a fan of natural baby products, they have a coordinating line of baby blankets made of the same soft cotton fabric and are introducing a line of baby bedding this Spring. Until Kara's products are very reasonably priced. All products are created out of 100% Organic Cotton and are chemically free.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Diddy Style with Poshtots Eliza Moses Basket

As soon as I posted the photo of Diddy's twins, D'Lila Star and Jessie James, I received a flurry of inquiries about the Moses basket they were cuddled up together in.

You can purchase the amazing Eliza Moses Basket from Poshtots in both pink and blue color combinations.

These Moses baskets design and easy portability make them the perfect first bed for your little one!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Skinvitals: Cloth Facial Masks for At Home Spa Treatments

This time of year is terrible on the skin - especially for those of us that live in cold weather states. This weekend the artic temperatures are heading for Minnesota and we're getting ready to lock ourselves in with a pile of movies and time on our hands.

While I was stocking up at Target today, I spotted one of my favorite skincare products that until now I could only order online. I can't say enough about the Skinvitals masks! My personal favorite is the Lavender + Green Tea "L-Smooth" mask.

The Skinvitals masks are perfect for the mom on the go who doesn't always have the time that a trip to spa for a facial requires. All you need is 15 minutes to relax with a soft cloth mask that easily slips onto your face and your skin will feel refreshed for weeks.

Now available at Target for the reasonable price of $3.95 / mask or $9.95 for a pack of four.

I'm definitely going to take 15 minutes out for myself this weekend and get my winter dried skin back in soft, hydrated condition!

Winter Sale at Childish Clothing!

Childish Clothing is having their winter blowout to make room for the new summer fashions. You can save up to 90% off selected winter styles.

Stock Up Sale at Made by Angie

Spring is definitely baby season! There are four babies due in just our family in the next few months and Made by Angie is making gift shopping simple.

Stock up and save through the month of February. If you buy three cases, you will save 15% on your entire order. Buy four or more and save 20%.

Valentine's Inspired Betty, Love Shoes

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and Vincent Shoes has introduced an adorable new pair that will bring a smile to your little princess' face. Their Betty, Love shoes come in red, pink, navy or black and feature tiny patent leather hearts on top quality mary jane style shoes.