Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bitty Bee: Most Likely to Succeed

Are you tired of the too-tight, too-short, too-much tees that seem to be everywhere for today's girls? It's time for some clothes that are designed to empower tomorrows young women (and their moms too!)

Bitty Bee was created by a mom of three girls who was tired of searching through piles of inappropriate clothing to find something that would allow her girls to truly express themselves.

The solution was a top quality line of empowerment tees that send a positive message with sayings like "Most Likely to Succeed", "Me Amo" (which means I love myself in Spanish, and "Michiko" (which means "child of beautiful knowledge" in Japanese). Each tee is available in a variety of some of today's most fashionable colors. The tees are the perfect balance of style, fashion, and comfort to help boost the confidence of your girls.

Each tee even comes with a special hangtag that has information of a fabulous female that has made a positive contribution to the world. Who knew clothing could come with a history lesson?

These tees would make a wonderful Christmas gift that little girls will gush over and parents will appreciate!

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  1. It's about time someone put positive messages on our young girls. Excellent messages; looking forward to more!