Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jakc Designs: Taking Embellished Tees to a New Level

I love hand-crafted baby clothing. These treasures remind me of simpler times and have a uniqueness to them that you just can't find in mass marketed products. Our latest find are the embellished blankets, tees, and onsies by Jakcdesigns.

Each of their products are crafted from high quality combed cotton and embellished with felt of fleece either hand sewn or embroidered. Their creations include numerous child friendly designs that speak volumes in their simplicity. The selection of fabrics and attention to detail in the embellishments make each product by Jakcdesigns a treasured addition to your baby's wardrobe. (The cupcake tee even includes hand embroidered sprinkles on top!)

Available in sizes up to 24 months and reasonably priced at $25 - $28.

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