Saturday, September 1, 2007

Zoobie Pets: Plush Animal, Pillow and Blanket Rolled Into One

When you spend your time writing about baby and kids products, it can take a lot to really impress you. Zoobie Pets really, really impressed me.

Zoobie Pets are a combination of plush animal, soft pillow, and comfy blanket all rolled into one. The perfect little friend for your child to carry along for road-trips or days at daycare. The plush animal part is truly inspired by real animals, cute but not cutesy. Inspired by animals from the Kalahari Desert to the marshy wetlands of the Okhavango Delta.

Hidden within the safari friend is a plush blanket that can be unrolled for on-the-go naptime. Roll it up and stuff the blanket into its pocket and you have a comfy pillow for travel time in the car. Roll the pillow up and tie a couple of ties and its back to a fun safari friend.

Zoobie Pets were recently included in the gift bags at Trista Sutter’s baby shower and have a growing collection of celebrity fans.

Check out for a retailer near you.

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