Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mom Agenda: Time to Get the School Year Must-Have for Moms

There is one book that I truly could not live without - my momAgenda.

I am a list-maker at heart. I have notepads in each room, one that attaches to the fridge, and several strategically placed in my office. I can loose a list, but am truly lost if I cannot locate my momAgenda which has all the information on the kid's schedules (with a space daily for each child), appointments, phone numbers, plans in progress and so much more.

The momAgenda is like other yearly planners only it is customized to fit a modern mom's lifestyle. Rather than starting the year off in January, the momagenda kicks off with the start of the school year. The page design allows you to keep all of your mom and non-mom activities organized and in one place.

It is organized by how we organize our lives - Brady and Jack need to be at swimming lessons at 10 AM, Carter has afterschool science camp at 3 PM, and mom needs to make a Target run to pick up toner kitty litter in between. All summed up on one page so we can see the week at a glance.

In addition to the regular features on your standard planners, the makers of momAgenda have even done the work in organizing lists of useful websites (for school projects and research), online publications, toll-free numbers, and holidays (for the next four years). The back of the book has room for your own personalized lists -- birthdays, parties, vacations, books, wines, movies, and more.

Available in faux crocodile, fuchsia, marine, lime, chocolate, and leopard. Priced at $42.

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