Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celeb Style Find: Julia Roberts' Ergo Baby Carrier

Julia Roberts' was out earlier this week carrying her son Henry, 14 months, in an ERGO baby carrier.

These mom invented carriers are designed to take baby from infancy to toddler. It's ergonomic design supports baby in the correct sitting position for ideal support for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth. It also minimizes the physical stress on the parents bodies by balancing the weight between your hips and shoulders.

Available online at ERGO baby in a variety of color combinations. (Julia is using their organic carrier in forest green / moss.)


  1. Must confess that I saw these all over the streets of NYC last spring and in a fit of post-baby hormonal overload, searched the entire country to find one in chocolate brown (sold out virtually everywhere!) Finally found one in small town USA and had it rushed to me. Used it until my baby was 6 months and now that she is 10 months, she hates to go in it. She's not yet old enough for me to comfortably put her on my back without outside assistance, so it now sits in my closet gathering dust. :(

  2. Would you consider selling it? I am currently looking for one, but somehow can't make myself dish out $105 for a carrier..