Monday, April 21, 2008

Sigg Water Bottle: A Stylin' Option to Disposable Water Bottles

SIGG Bottles have taken the concept of a water bottle to a whole new level. Your water bottle no longer has to just to be a utilitarian piece to carry water, it can make a fashion statement.

A fantastic alternative to the plastic bottles you pick up and toss from the store. The Sigg bottles are all BPA-free and tested to be 100% safe with no leaching. Their durable, leak-proof design is perfect for toting along water and juice for summer day trips. They have collections for both kids and adults so you can pick out bottles that capture the style of each member of your family.

They are a little spendy $15.99 - $21.99 per bottle, but think about how much you spend each month on the disposable bottles from the convenience store.

Sigg bottles have a following of celebrity mom fans with Madonna and Cindy Crawford singing their praises.

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