Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time Out Spots: Reinforcing the Time Out Technique

If your frustrated by time outs or they've turned into a game of catch and relase, you need to try Time Out Spots to help your child learn about discipline at an early age.

Created by teacher turned mom, Heather Sievers, Time Out Spots are a solution to unsuccessful time outs. It is quite simply a small round rug on which your child needs to sit for their time outs due to bad behavior.

The technique recommended is that you should give the child one warning, if they disobey they are sent to their "Time Out Spot". For the time-out, it is recommended that the child needs to sit for one minute for each year of the child's age.

The time out spot has made a difference with one of the twins for whom all discipline was fun and game time. With the use of the spot, it gives him something immediately recognizable and finite to enforce the household rules of behavior. He knows if he's headed for the spot, he's in big trouble. It only took a few frustrating attempts before he understood it and now just needs to be told to sit in his spot without arguing.

Priced at $22 -- "time out spots" get mommy's recommendation for mothers of fiesty toddlers.

Purchase your own time out spot here.

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